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Clinton is a Clinical Psychologist with a Master of Psychology (MPsych Clinical). He is a practicing psychologist with experience in the areas of assessment and works specifically with children and adolescents with neurodivergent profiles across multiple practice locations. It was Clinton’s both passion and interest to engage within the assessment sphere alongside therapy due to a significant increase in difficulty for people accessing these services; his knowledge specifically within the areas of Autism, ADHD, and Intellectual Based Disabilities; and a desire to assist families within these areas.


Clinton has a special interest and training in working with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), ADHD and across many aspects of child psychology. Clinton continues to undergo extensive professional development in the areas of Autism and neurodivergence in particular and has a strong interest in understanding and exploring this area.


At Knott Psychology we are passionate to providing families with professional and comprehensive psychological assessment and therapy services.

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