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Private paying: $230 (50 -Minute Consultation)

NDIS: $234.83 (50-Minute Consultation)

Other (Report writing etc): Charged at the above rate p/h

Cancellation Policy

Our priority is to help families avoid cancelled sessions. Emails and text reminders are sent to avoid cancelled sessions. Please provide notice via email of at least 2-business days (48 hours) before your appointment to avoid cancellation fees or to reschedule your appointment.

Clients who fail to turn up to their appointment or cancel within 24 business hours of their appointment will be charged the full appointment fee. Clients who cancel between 24-48 business hours will be charged 60% of the fee.

*We understand that during current COVID restrictions you may not be able to complete your appointment face-to-face on the day due to a positive test result. At Knott Psychology we provide telehealth options to complete part of the assessment processes; can utilise your booking time to complete other elements of the assessment (i.e. information gathering); and reschedule face-to-face assessment on an alternative day. Spaces for assessment sessions are limited and it is important that time is utilised efficiently during the process. In this situation the Terms & Conditions surrounding payment of assessment continue to apply.


Some psychological  assessment services are eligible for partial rebates from Medicare, your Private Health Fund or NDIS. Clients are encouraged to consult with their individual health funds/Medicare/NDIS Coordinator to check if any rebates are available to cover costs of the assessment. At present the medicare rebate for a session with a Clinical Psychologist under a Mental Health Care Plan is $131.65.

Please ensure that your referral is valid for a Medicare rebate. When you visit your health professional please be very clear what you are seeking and ask them to write a referral letter stating exactly what type of Psychological service is required and to quote the item number so that we are able to bill you accordingly.

You are welcome to email your referral through to Knott Psychology prior to your appointment to discuss if you have any concerns surrounding rebates.

PDD Assessment Plan for Diagnostic Assessment

Psychologists can provide a total of four services per child to collaborate with a Paediatrician or Psychiatrist on the assessment and diagnosis of Autism and PDDs. The child must be under 13 years old and have been referred by a Paediatrician who has provided any MBS service covering items 110 through to 131, or a Psychiatrist who has provided any MBS service covering items 296 through to 370 (except item 359). At Knott Psychology this item only covers the young person’s diagnostic assessment session with a Psychologist.

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