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At Knott Psychology we provide a range of services to support all your psychological needs.

You can find details on each of our services below:


Autism Assessment

Comprehensive Psychology Assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

We have plenty of experience in supporting and working with neurodivergent adults and children and provide Comprehensive Psychology Assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 

Our assessment includes: 


​​-Autism Diagnostic Interview (Parent)

- Autism Diagnostic Observation (Child Based Observation)

- Collaboration of information, reports, liaison with professionals where necessary

- Diagnosis to DSM-5 Criteria

- Adaptive Behaviour Assessment (Requirement for NDIS funding)

- Diagnostic Report

- Feedback Session


Cognitive Assessment

Knott Psychology provides Cognitive Assessments for Children aged 6-16 years. 


Cognitive assessments are used to determine the intellectual functioning of children. This unique cognitive profile can be used to inform what treatments and/or supports may facilitate optimal learning and development, at both home and school. Results may also be useful in providing support for certain diagnoses.


Intellectual Disability


At Knott Psychology our Intellectual Disability Assessment will include comprehensive DSM-5 diagnostic assessment of intellectual & adaptive functioning. This includes completion of cognitive assessment and assessment of child's adaptive functioning to inform potential diagnosis


Psychologist Consultation
& Solution


This is a one-off 75-minute session

Knott Psychology provides a one-off 75-minute session with the psychologist to discuss concerns regarding your child's difficulties and to provide recommendations based on interview, observation and assessment. 

Service Includes;

- Clinical Interview

- Child Observation

- Brief Psychometric and Assessment Tools specific to your concerns

- Recommendations and guidance for potential further assessments*

- Brief referral letter for specialists (if required)

*Written reports of findings and recommendations can be requested. These will be charged as per our FEE schedule


School PD Workshops
& Consultations

Please contact for a quote


Knott Psychology provide professional development seminars and consultation seminars/services for schools in specific areas to;

  • Autism

  • Pathological Demand Avoidance

  • Autism and girls

  • Intellectual Disabilities

  •  ADHD


These services aim to educate and assist schools with working with neurodivergent people and can be tailored to specific needs of the school



Therapy sessions to provide ongoing support.

We are currently open to new client bookings 

Knott Psychology provides therapy based sessions for clients under;

- Medicare Mental Health Care Plans

- Private Health/Private Paying

-NDIS Self Managed

- NDIS Plan Managed

Please contact us for further details.

Interested to find out more? 

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